Need To Sell?

There are multiple answers to that question, but if we had to sum it up in a short, clear, concise answer it would be that we provide outstanding results. So, how do we achieve these outstanding results? We properly prepare, price and market a property with precision. Our approach gets our clients the best possible pricing and terms with the least amount of inconvenience.

Before you sell your property it is important to know how much it is going to cost you. The bullet points below list the majority of your expenses when selling a property in Massachusetts.

  • $900 to $1000 for an Attorney Fee - This includes all Purchase and Sale drafting and negotiating, Deed and Power of Attorney preparation, clearing of any normal title issues, payoff of your existing mortgage to your current lender, reviewing all closing documents and attendance at the closing.

  • $4.56 per $1000 of value for Deed Stamps - This is paid directly to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at closing. For example - If you sell your property for $500,000 you would pay $2,280 at closing ($4.56 x 500).

  • $75-100 Discharge Recording Fee - This is the fee for recording the discharge of each mortgage on the property you are selling.

  • $25-50 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Inspection Fee - The fire department has to certify that your home is in compliance with the smoke detector and carbon monoxide codes.

  • 5% Brokerage Fee - This is the fee that the real estate brokerage earns for marketing and selling your property.

Condo Specific Expenses:

  • $25-100 for a 6D Certificate - This certificate gets recorded with the sale and proves that you have paid your condo fees through the closing date as well as any assessment payments which were due.

  • $75 recording fee for 6D - This is the fee for recording the 6D certificate at the Registry of Deeds.

Buying in this market can be tough. With all the competition, it can be tough to get what you want. Let us help you negotiate getting what you want, for the price you want.